Pick any hill, anywhere in world and complete repeats of it in a single activity. That’s what you call “everesting!”

Today on Indy Style, Anthony Barr, Mobile Cyclist, teams up with Blayne Roeder, Everesting Cyclist, Riding for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, to tell us about “Everesting” for Charity.”

What is Everesting?

  • Climb vertical distance of 8,848m – or 29,029 feet equivalent height of Mt Everest
  • Complete challenge on bike, on foot, or online
  • No sleeping…. No limit on time…. Just need to complete vertical distance

Fun Facts about Everesting…

  • The first concept “unofficial” Everest was completed in the mid-nineties
  • In 2014 Everesting concept became an official challenge for riders
  • Many Pro cyclists and amateurs have completed or attempted
  • World record time: 7 hours 4 minutes – Pro Cyclist Ronan McLaughlin
  • Popularity soared during COVID – good “social distance” physical activity

How does one prepare for this type of challenge? 

  • Need to prepare food / caloric intake –
  • Ride Your Own Pace – LONG DAY in saddle
  • Special Bike Gearing Huge Help..!
  • Pick Your Route / Hill Carefully
  • Bring a few friends for moral support
  • Having A Purpose or Cause to Ride In Support Of – helps..!  

How Did Blayne do in his First / Previous attempt at Everesting ?

  • He completed it in 18 hours and 142 miles to complete 244 times up Griffy hill
  • Blayne ascended 30,500 feet and over 140 miles ridden,
  • Raised $28,500 raised for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County Indiana.
  • Now Going for 2nd Everesting Attempt – Sunday, September 27th
  • Working towards dollar goal: $40K – equivalent to half a house

More about Mobile Cyclist …
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