Borjas Garcia Family

Borjas 5822webWhen Maria Garcia first heard about Habitat for Humanity six years ago, she hesitated to apply for a home. Single and childless at the time, she didn’t feel she would meet Habitat criteria. However, after Maria and her husband Juan Antonio had their first daughter, Maria felt motivated to reconsider how Habitat might improve their living situation. She knew a Habitat home would mean having more space for her growing family and so, at the urging of her friends, Maria and Juan Antonio decided to apply.

Maria’s brother Rigoberto, a seasoned construction worker who has already made a big impact at the Habitat ReStore, will live with Maria, Juan Antonio, and their children. The family will be moving out of their cramped, 2-bedroom apartment and into the Broadview Neighborhood on Bloomington’s north side. They’ve already met some of their soon-to-be neighbors and are delighted there will be other children for Rosylen (age 4) and Eleny (age 15 months) to play with in their own backyard. When asked what most excites them about the journey they are about to embark on, Rigoberto says he is particularly eager to begin working at the build site, especially installing the roof of his new home. Rosylen, who enters kindergarten this year, is looking forward to being able to paint to her heart’s content in her own bedroom.

The family joined the program on February 6, 2016, and nearly a year later, will begin construction on their new, ReStore-sponsored home. So much can—and has—changed in only a year’s time. Reflecting on these changes and looking ahead to the future, how does the family feel now? Spoken with the reassurance that comes from knowing she and her family will soon be in a place to call their own, Maria was quick to answer, “Very content!”

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