“You have two hands. One to help yourself, and one to help others” – Audrey Hepburn

Caring for others seems to be Jessica’s life calling. She has worked as a caregiver for three years, looking after those in need of in-home care and assistance. “I love my job. Some of them don’t have any family to spend time with them, visit them. I’ve always been big into healthcare, and I like helping people,” Jessica said. 

She also serves as the primary caregiver to her two children. Soon, Elanna (9) and Xander (6) will see the fruit of their mother’s hard work when construction begins for their future home this fall. Their home will be built in just over two weeks, as part of Women+ Build 2022.

“It is exciting, and a little overwhelming.” Jessica joined the program in early 2022, and was initially a little nervous about accepting her lot offer so soon. She has been working hard to earn her sweat equity hours and attend homeowner readiness classes to ensure all of her requirements are met by the time construction finishes. 

“I haven’t actually been on the construction site yet. I have earned most of my hours at ReStore and through projects in the office,” Jessica explained. She has been managing a couple health conditions since joining the program, but hopes that a minor surgery in late summer will help. She has lined up her work schedule and time-off so she can spend as much time at her build as possible!

Along with homeowners Marina and Arnulfo, Jessica’s will be the final home built in the Habitat Trail View neighborhood. Elanna and Xander have attended Fairview Elementary and the Ferguson Crestmont Boys and Girls Club in the past, so they already know some of the other children in their new neighborhood.

“Now, they go to Summit [Elementary] and I think I’m going to keep them there. They’re in the [Dual Language Spanish] Immersion Program, where they are taught in Spanish for half the day and English for half the day. It’s a good program, and I want my kids to be able to speak Spanish and keep their heritage alive,” Jessica shared.

She is excited for her children to live in a better, safer community. “I am looking forward to a more stable home, and not having to worry about moving again. The kids will have a yard, and they will be in a safe place. I like that the neighborhood is kind of tucked away, and not on a busy road.” 

Jessica said she and her children are all equally excited about being able to furnish and decorate their new home as they like. “Elanna wants to decorate with twinkle lights, and of course Xander says Fortnite for his room. I’ve always been a big decorator, and I look forward to being able to paint and make the home my own.”

“I’m just excited. It feels good to work with other volunteers, and I’ve gotten to know the staff and other homeowners. Elanna is mad that she isn’t old enough to help yet, but we are all thankful for everyone in the process and who will build. There are going to be a lot of people helping us build our home!”

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