Nexapa-Zaragoza/Sanchez-Sandoval Family

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When Mario and Lorena received the call from Habitat for Humanity telling them their application had been accepted, they were overjoyed at the realization that they would one day have a home of their own.  With their five-year old son Juan Angel, they described the freedom owning a home brings. Simple things like having space to cook out with family or listening to music without fear of disturbing their neighbors made them excited.

More importantly, the home is a place for their son to grow up in and one day have as his own. They used the word “estar” which in Spanish means “to be”. The home would be a place for their son to be, to be himself, to be his future. But until then, their son is most excited about having a home with two stories. Lorena smiled as she described his enthusiasm about the new home.

However, the home is not the only thing Mario and Lorena gain during their journey with Habitat. They described how they have built a community during their experience, one they would not have found otherwise. Lorena laughed as she described the volunteers teaching her how to use a hammer for the first time. Everyone is learning from each other and supporting each other.  By engaging with volunteers and Habitat staff, Bloomington has felt more like home to them than ever before.

Mario and Lorena are incredibly grateful to have been chosen to participate in the Habitat program. They are looking forward to continuing to engage with the Bloomington community as their house is constructed and as homeowners.



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