Rodriguez Family

rodriguez-6420web“A place to be together.” 

Ramiro Rodriguez-Alvarez and Brigida Rufino-Castaneda came to the United States in search of a better life, and have always wanted to live in a house that is theirs.

In 2000, the Rodriguez family left Mexico City and settled in Bloomington. Brigida thought that she would not like Bloomington at first; the town’s small, quiet setting was an adjustment compared to the big city. However, she and Ramiro have grown to love the tranquility and deep sense of community that Bloomington provides.

That was sixteen years ago. Today, Ramiro and Brigida’s two children – daughter Luna (sixteen-going-on-seventeen) and son Kevin (fourteen) – are quickly growing up. And, they share their parents’ dream of living in a home that is theirs. The Rodriguez family has worked hard for many years for that opportunity, for “a place to be together.” Luna knows that she’d love to have a dog when they move out of their duplex into their new home with a large yard – if only she can convince her parents!

The entire family loves the idea of working together towards a common goal and helping other people. Brigida reminisces happily about the many times she has volunteered at the Habitat ReStore. The family also helped to clean out donated furniture from the bank across the street from the Habitat offices. They went over planning to work just two hours, but ended up spending the entire day volunteering. Kevin laughs as he remembers getting stuck in the bank vault – unintentionally, of course.

Whether it’s love for their family, desire for opportunity, hope for their future, or compassion for their community, the Rodriguez family has heart in abundance.

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