Soto/Hernandez Family

It is difficult to explain or quantify happiness. But one thing is clear: happiness is apparent on the faces of Oscar Soto and his cheerful family.

Originally from Puebla, Mexico, Oscar moved to the United States in search of a better life. Oscar, 39; his wife, Irma, 38; and their son, Andres, 7, now live in a west-side apartment near Walmart.

According to Oscar, Habitat has made a better life possible. “I’m so happy,” he says. “I have never had a house [that is mine].” The Soto family home will be part of the 2016 Builders’ Blitz.

Oscar and Irma look forward to the opportunities a new home will provide for their son: safety, comfort, pride, and more. Andres, who loves to smile and read, will be able to play outside, walk to the farmers’ market with his mother, and befriend neighbors.

“When we found out we were building on June 6, he [Andres] went and wrote it down on the calendar,” says Oscar, who tries to suppress a grin. “He is so happy.”

But don’t take this dad’s word for it. Andres has his own a message for the volunteers, donors, and staff who are making his new home possible: “Thank you, Habitat, for building my new house. I’m very happy!”

Who knew so much happiness came with buying and owning a home?


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