The Huesca & Avila-Vivaldo Family

In searching for the embodiment of Habitat for Humanity’s tenets of strength, stability, and self-reliance, you need look no further than Guadalupe Huesca and Mario Avila Vivaldo. 

Soon, after completing construction of their home this summer, Mario and Guadalupe will be able to joyfully and proudly realize the final tenet: safe, affordable shelter. 

Seven years ago, Mario and Guadalupe met in Bloomington: Guadalupe previously having lived in New Jersey, Mario calling Bloomington his home for the past 20 years. Since then, they have formed a blended family including four children who continue to fill their lives with love and light: Daniel, Luis, Josue, and Santiago. Guadalupe states that it was with her children in mind – and with the encouragement of a good friend, Fernanda – that she and Mario first applied to Habitat for Humanity: “With great excitement, I decided to learn more information to see if I could have an opportunity
to build a house for my children.”

Stability and safety for their children have continued to be priority number one for Mario and Guadalupe, as they have remained optimistic and motivated while attending homeownership readiness courses, and accruing sweat equity on the construction site, “It fills me with great joy to know that I will have a home for my children, so they can be comfortable and we won’t need to move from one place to another,” Guadalupe shares. 

Looking to the future, Guadalupe says that her “main goal is to keep moving forward,” and – after earning sweat equity at the Habitat ReStore – she’s been particularly inspired to continue her service in the community, adding that, “I really liked learning how people donate the things they don’t use and seeing that others do use those things. That made me think and realize how much we can help by donating.”

The family is sure, too, to offer their deep gratitude and appreciation for all who have helped make homeownership a part of their reality. “We want to thank Habitat for the opportunity and we also want to thank every person that is involved in this build and supporting our family.”

Mario and Guadalupe’s home is sponsored by the Habitat ReStore. 

Decent, affordable housing doesn’t always look like new construction and at times Habitat has the opportunity to house a family in a home previously owned by another Habitat family at approximately a quarter of the cost of new construction. This allows us to serve people in our program more quickly.  Mario and Guadalupe are excited to be moving into such a home on Madison Street.