Habitat ReStore Partners with Steeplechase Apartments

Steeplechase Apartments—a part of Regency Consolidated Residential LLC— are renovating their 238 units this spring. The renovations began in April.

The apartment complex is charitably donating a number of items from the apartments to Habitat ReStore. Articles included in the contribution will be: refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers and cabinets. According to Marc Papier, ReStore Manager, the items are in excellent condition and will provide substantial revenue to support Habitat for Humanity’s mission in Monroe County. This partnership with Steeplechase is incredibly exciting for Habitat and will make an extraordinary impact in our community. Proceeds from the sale of these items will be recycled back into Habitat’s mission.

Items from the Steeplechase apartment renovation began to hit the ReStore sales floor at the end of April. Shoppers can expect to find these items at the ReStore throughout the remainder of the year.

Construction began March 31 on the ReStore sponsored home that will be purchased by the Borjas Garcia family. Join us on Saturday, July 22 at 4:00 for the dedication of the family’s future home! More details can be found HERE.


ReStore is working hard to sponsor two homes for future Habitat homeowners in 2017. This donation from Steeplechase will serve as a critical bridge to help ReStore meet this goal.

We are incredibly grateful to Steeplechase for partnering with Habitat ReStore!