Builders Blitz 2016

Builders Blitz is a 12-day build during which local professional home builders join together with their subcontractors and suppliers to build houses for future Habitat homeowners with donated materials and labor. Local professional builders and Habitat for Humanity work closely to organize all aspects of building. This includes securing subcontractors and suppliers, fundraising and seeking donations of materials. With the help of local building professionals in communities across the U.S., the Home Builders Blitz program supports Habitat’s vision of “a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” This is the 7th Builders Blitz in Monroe County. Our Signature Builders will construct homes in our newest Habitat neighborhood, Trail View.

Building for Oscar Soto and Irma Hernandez:

Loren Wood Builders

Building for Mario Nexapa-Zaragoza and Lorena Sanchez-Sandoval:

Building for Isaiah and Tyrenia Newsome: