BHSN Chapter


The Bloomington High School North chapter of Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1998 by North students Josh Girvin and Joe Aamidor. It received official independent campus chapter status in 2000 and works in partnership with the Monroe County Habitat affiliate.

The BHSN student-led chapter began building House #17 in September 2017.  Read about the Lady family who are the proud future homeowners of this 17th BHSN-sponsored home!

Monroe County has some of the most expensive housing units in the state, lending additional urgency to this Habitat chapter’s mission.


Each house costs North Habitat $30,000 that goes toward purchasing tools and building supplies. North is also responsible for providing a regular work force and meals at the work site.


North Habitat students hold a number of fundraisers throughout the year. Major events include garage/yard sales, nights of music, Rake-a-thons, and a silent auction/live auction/benefit dinner called “Evening for Habitat”, the chapter’s largest fundraiser of the year.

All the money raised goes toward building houses. BHSN keeps none of the money raised. All operating funds are paid for separately by members, and funds donated go into a separate account. Future homeowners pay back the cost of their homes through regular interest-free mortgage payments which, in turn, go toward building the next Habitat house.


2016: Rodriguez Family and their two children
2015: Viveros family and her two children: co-sponsored with Sherwood Oaks Christian Church and Evangelical Community Church
2014: Vargas family and their five children
2013: Vest family, including two children: co-sponsored with Sherwood Oaks Christian Church
2012: Koontz family, and their four children
2011: Aca-Jimenez family, including two children
2010: Tlahuex-Aca family, including two children (Yolanda, her parents, and two children)
2009: Kristin Bogue and her children
2008: Lisa Shepherd-Long and her three children
2007: Marie Carter and her four children
2006: Lora Gilbert and her three children
2005: Rodney and Nakia Wells
2004: Carlos and Adrianna Nueney
2003: Tom and Denise Valkyrie
2002: Luz Balbuena and Ricardo Giron
2001: Corey Shorter and Hilary Riche; the first home fully co-sponsored by North
2001: Provided windows for the Norris house
2000: Provided roof for Jennifer Titus