Andres & Estefania

“Habitat has taught us the value of home, family, and teamwork.”

Though their time with Habitat may have strengthened these values, it is clear they have long-been instilled in Andres and Estefania. The young couple met growing up in Colombia, and moved to Bloomington a few years ago. Now, nearing their fourth wedding anniversary, the couple is building a lifestyle they dream of for their future children – including a place they can all call home.

Between their jobs at Boston Scientific and Baxter, involvement with the Iglesia Hispana congregation, love of travel and time spent with family, the two have prioritized their time earning Habitat sweat equity hours and attending their homeowner readiness classes. Andres even changed jobs to be on a schedule better suited for the demands of the program. “We now work Monday through Friday on a similar schedule that allows us to spend time with our family and work our sweat equity hours on the weekends,” Estefania explained.

Their dedication has paid off, because just a year after applying to the Habitat program, Andres and Estefania will begin construction on their home as part of the 2022 Home Builders Blitz this spring. “We are very excited! We believe in [the builders’] professionalism, and are glad that our house will be built by experienced and blessed hands.”

Andres and Estefania have rented the same home for the last three years, but like many Bloomington renters, have experienced rent value increases with each years’ lease renewal. “The rental value keeps going up, even as the house deteriorates over the years. We long to be able to build our home,” they said.

Between now and move-in day, the two will continue working toward their 250 sweat equity hours required of all individual Monroe County Habitat homeowners. Andres and Estefania have expressed the many things they have learned during classes and when volunteering. “The [money] management classes helped us and cleared up many doubts we had. At the ReStore, we learned to better organize, and how to recycle many used things. In construction, we’ve learned to work as a team, paint doors and walls, hammer nails, fix and improve some [work] that had already been done. All the time we’ve spent working on construction or in the ReStore has been wonderful.”

“We have learned many new things, we met new people, and made new friends. Everyone has been very kind and generous to us; we definitely know that our home will be built surrounded by beautiful energy.  Each of the people [with Habitat] are important in this process, and we can only thank the people and God for putting them in our path. This is a great blessing.”


Andres & Estefania’s home is sponsored by the 2022 Home Builders Blitz. Learn more and see the full list of partners here: