Antonio & Doralba

“Before every great reward comes the footprints of persistency, consistency, perseverance, courage, faith, and patience.” – Edmond Mbiaka

More than two years after receiving an exciting phone call explaining acceptance into the Habitat program, Antonio and Doralba recently received even better news: it was time to start building their home!

Along with their daughter Maria (14), the couple is excited to break ground on their Trail View home as a part of the 2022 Home Builders Blitz this spring. “Habitat has taught us that by working with the community, great things can be achieved and dreams come true,” Doralba explained after the family accepted their lot offer. “We are very happy to belong to the Habitat community and to see how this has allowed my family members to also get closer while in the program.”

The family moved from their home country of Colombia to leave behind the difficult public and economic situations in the region. “We chose Bloomington because we had family here, and the truth is we are very happy in this town. It offers us tranquility and well-being.”

Antonio works at a mechanic shop and Cheddar’s restaurant, and Doralba works at The Computer Clubhouse. Their daughter, Maria, plays volleyball in school and is looking forward to the ability to decorate her room as she likes in her family’s new home.

“Thank [goodness] we live in an apartment that can be considered comfortable, with some shortcomings that we seek to improve with the housing opportunity that Habitat allows us,” Doralba said. “Now, we are looking forward to having a place where we can arrive and say, ‘This is ours, the fruit of our hard work and effort.’”

As community volunteer numbers dwindled throughout the pandemic, Antonio and Doralba became staples at the Habitat ReStore every Wednesday and Saturday — their days off from work. The two always arrived with a (masked) smile on their face and a fierce willingness to help the staff, donors, and customers throughout their weekly volunteer shifts.

“We are very happy to know that working in a community allows great things, and we experience that every time we participate in the construction site at the ReStore — seeing the faces of happiness in families is something that is indisputably priceless. Thanks Habitat!”

Antonio and Doralba’s home is sponsored by the 2022 Home Builders Blitz. Learn more and see the full list of partners here: