Marina & Arnulfo

“Our family looks forward to being able to call our house a home, to be able to see years of hard work reflected here”

If you know Marina and Arnulfo, you know their kindness, selfless willingness to help, and their hard work ethic. The two have been happily married for over thirty years, and have three adult children and three grandchildren whom they love profusely. 

After years of living in overcrowded conditions with a few of their adult children, this couple is excited to build, purchase, and move in to their Habitat home later this year. One of the best parts for them? They are one of the two homes being built during the 2022 Women+ Build!

“We are very proud that it is a group of women who will be in charge of the building of our house. I love how strong and powerful these women are, and we look forward to learning something new from them every day [of the build],” Marina shared.

When the couple isn’t working together at Denny’s, they enjoy spending time with their family, taking walks together, or finding time to relax with television. They just joined the Habitat Homeownership Program in the summer of 2021, and have been busy at work earning their sweat equity hours ever since. Marina and Arnulfo often volunteer together, and have been able to earn most of their hours working alongside other Habitat homeowners as they build their homes. Now, they will get to put those skills to work on their own home.

“Being part of the Habitat community has had a positive impact on my life and my family. It motivates us to achieve our dreams, and it gives us the gift of being able to set an example for our children and grandbabies. My husband and I have learned the value of camaraderie, and we want to help others. [We have learned] that people are kind, that there are still people with good hearts,” Marina said.

Marina shared that she is excited to finally decorate their home to their liking. Renting often brings a sense of transitory living, as impending moves – and their associated costs – can significantly limit one’s choices in furniture and decor. “The hard work of my husband and I will be reflected here, in being able to call it our own home.”  

“Thank you very much to the Habitat family; for opening the door and giving us the opportunity to fulfill our greatest family dream,” Arnulfo shared. 

“On behalf of myself and my wife, I would like to express our most sincere thanks to all of you for giving us your time, effort, and dedication to the development of this project. We are very proud that it is a group of women who are going to be in charge of building our house. Thank you very much, and God bless you.”

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