Parrish Family

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic–it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” –Colin Powell

This saying could not be more relevant for Mike and Rachelle Parrish.

The Parrishes, both Bloomington natives, have been putting in the hard work (and sweat!) to buy a home and to plant permanent roots that will offer stability for their four children, Teagen (8), Brayden (8), Adilyn (5) and Maci (2). The family enjoys being outdoors both in nature and on the sports field and are looking forward to having a neighborhood of kids to play with. “Our children will be able to grow up in a place where they can make friends and feel a true sense of home,” says Mike. “Not have to worry about moving from place to place or being unsafe.”

Unsafe is a keyword in describing their current living situation—a three-bedroom trailer that is falling apart. “There is mold all through the trailer and we have no insulation so whatever temperature it is outside, that is what it is inside,” said Mike. “The windows have gaps in between the walls so they let water and weather indoors.”

They were drawn to Habitat initially after Mike kept hearing a co-worker (and Habitat homeowner) talk about how much he loves his home and the support Habitat for Humanity offers through the home buying process. They decided to apply and have been working hard to complete their homeownership classes and sweat equity hours. They’ve particularly enjoyed the money management course. “It has been the best tool,” said Mike. “It has helped us learn to better balance our money, keep track of where it is all going and prioritize our ‘needs’ over our ‘wants’.”

Rachelle was recently able to take part in this past year’s Women Build and enjoyed spending a day on-site helping to build a home for a fellow Habitat family. “It was one of the most rewarding, overwhelming feelings to be a part of the Build,” she recalled. “I encourage everyone to come out and experience it and the amazing community on the build site!”

They’re excited to build a safe and sound new home from the ground up and have enjoyed being able to have a hand in what the home will look like—everything from siding color to carpet, cabinets, and countertops. Mike adds,

“This whole process has shown us that there are good people in the world and if you work hard, your actions pay off.”

The Parrish home is sponsored by the Bloomington High School North Chapter.