We are looking for community members to volunteer as Homeowner Education Instructors and Budget Partners! Bilingual volunteers and fluent-Spanish speakers are especially in great need.

Instructors commit to teaching at least one of 20 courses taken by future homeowners as they prepare for the adventures of first-time homeownership. The education program is designed to best prepare first-time homeowners, and instructors will cover defined topics related to money management and financial literacy, home maintenance and neighborhood development, and communicating in the professional world. For a full volunteer position description, click here.

Budget Partners are assigned at least one family, and coach them to be successful with their personal budgets throughout their time in the Habitat program (typically 9-12 months). Partners meet with their family/families at least once a month and reinforce the topics taught in their Money Management and financial literacy classes. You don’t need to be a financial expert to be a good budget parter! For a full volunteer position description, click here.

For more information or to get involved, please email our Homeowner Services Director Martha Shedd at hs@monroecountyhabitat.org.